Why Is Tire Rotation So Important For Your Car?

Why You Should Never Skip a Tire Rotation

Rolling forces and cornering wear down each of your tires in a different way. A front wheel drive vehicle puts most of the wear on the front tires as this is where most of the power is transferred. In the same vein, a rear wheel drive puts most of the wear on the back tires while steering is handled at the front. 4WDs and all-wheel drives may have unique cornering, steering and transmission characteristics as well.

With that being said, the front left tire will experience a different wear and tear as compared to the front right tire, and the front tires will experience a different kind of wear and tear as compared to the tires on the back, mainly because of road friction and force.

Tire rotation is one of the best solutions to counter this particular tire problem. Tire rotation is a process where all your vehicle’s tires are removed and put back on a different position. A tire service center takes off the tires when the wheels and tires need to be re-balanced. This is done so that the tire wear patterns are evened out, prolonging its useful life in the process.

A good rule of thumb in tire rotation is to do it after 5 to 6,000 miles. At first glance, tire rotation won’t seem so important; after all, won’t the tire just keep on rolling as long as it’s properly attached and has sufficient air on it? Why do you need to rotate them to wear them out evenly?

Not rotating your tires periodically will result in dire consequences. If one leaves their tires on a certain position, i.e., the front right side, then you’ll start seeing deep tread damage for that specific wheel area. There’s going to be a cupped shape, sidewall feathering, wear on either the inside or the outside edge and the tread becomes chopped or lumpy.

What’s more, vehicle performance will worsen. Your car will start to pull to one side, or “wander”. Cornering becomes more difficult as traction gets reduced, which means you start having trouble handling the car as it comes to a curve. Uneven tires make driving tedious and you start to hear noise. It comes to a point where the tire gets worn out excessively and the only way to correct this problem is total replacement.

Rotating Tires Will Save You Money

The good news is that tire rotation is relatively inexpensive and you won’t have to spend too much time having it done. In some cases periodic tire rotation and balancing services are included when you purchase new tires. Tire shops recommend tire rotation as it keeps car owners happy and prevents them for having to come back to the shop and complain about noisy, short-lived tires.

Tire rotation is one of the best things you can do for your tires. Get one for every 5 to 6,000 miles or when you get an oil change done at a reputable local tire service center. Your tires will serve you longer, won’t cause traction problems and noise. You experience better handling and car performance every time you take your vehicle out on trips.