Top 10 car gadgets and gizmo to get you ready for summer

Cool Summer Car Gadgets and Gizmos

When it gets warmer; with it comes a driving
experience that no one should miss out. Not when there is a galore of car
gadgets and gizmos to make your choice. If you are looking for comfort, safety, and entertainment then you will find this top 10 list a temptation too good to resist. The countdown begins in a few…

  • 1: Dash cams
    Cameras are everywhere and it would be a befitting place to have one on your With these eyes-on-lenses, you will catch everything as it happens. Younever know, you could use the footage to get you off a traffic hook.
  • 2: Pet’s protective cover
    We all tend to get attached to our pets. They are part of us and we would like to
    go with them wherever. One problem though; your pet could mess up your newly
    fitted leather seats. Don’t worry about that. The protective pet cover will get
    you covered. No scratch, fur or poop will be giving you cleaning headaches.
  • 3: SUV airbed
    HUAXININ air mattress could turn your SUV cargo space into a thing of a beauty
    and a rest spot whenever you need a quick nap. It comes with in-built pillows
    to keep your head raised for a comfortable perch.
  • 4: Smartphone Scan and telemetry
    You no longer have a reason to drive all the way to your local auto shop to check
    whether your engine check light is on or not. With this smart device, you have
    it all with you.
  • 5: Key finder
    Tired of misplacing your car keys and moving mountains to find them? It is
    pretty nasty, I know. You should not go through this ordeal anymore. Grab a
    Tile-Mate tile and fit into your key’s ring. Go ahead add download the Tile
    Mate append I promise this will be the last day you lose your car keys.
  • 6: Electronic Parking help
    If your car is taking countless knocks as you park, it is time you put that to
    With this Electronic parking guide, it is a piece of cake easy to park
    even at tight spots.
  • 7: 12-volt humidifier
    It is summer, right? It gets hot and dusty. For a long drive, you need some humidity.
    This 12-volt humidifier is all you need to face whatever elements the season
    throws your way.
  • 8: Autoexec work desk
    Are you a fan of working remotely? You have a reason to smile. No need to be
    holed in your office when you can do it on the road. You need this autoexec
    desk and you have a comfortable space to keep your office stuff.
  • 9: Travel cooler-black & Decker
    A cool beverage served from the comfort of your car is not a bad thing for the
    With this cute gadget here, you have that wish come true. Just a
    reminder, keep away from alcohol.
  • 10: Backup cams
    It seems you can never have enough of cams on your car. This is another set of
    lenses you can install on your license plate frame to feed you on what goes at
    the rear of your car.

Have a nice summer ride with a few of these gadgets
and gizmos. Don’t be mean; share this with your friends and let them have fun.