What Are The Reasons To Join GRiP Tire?

Tires are the second-most replaced part on vehicles that have typically not been considered a serious revenue stream for the independent shop owner. Over the past 10 years segments, such car dealers have embraced tires and have seen their market share double in size from 12 to 24 percent. Tires not only bring increased revenue to your business but more importantly keep your customers vehicles where they belong…in your bays!

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Our dealers realize the benefits and power of group purchasing that provide significant savings for their business. Programs we have with leading suppliers include tires, auto parts, software, banking, insurance, and equipment.

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Keeping your staff informed and aware of the latest advancements and systems in our industry is paramount to sell and repair with confidence. We provide regular training that is cond

ucted in your location and at our training facility. We also have quarterly owners meetings to set the direction of the group.

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Marketing for small business can be a daunting task, to say the least. We provide you with a variety of print and digital marketing materials, seasonal in-house customer contests as well as your own loyalty program personalized to your business. We also have our own lifestyle magazine free for you to provide your customers as a value-add.

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With GRiP’s exclusive software you can bring all of your tire suppliers together into one interface allowing you to find the tire you are looking for quickly and at the lowest price! You can also view specifications, tire features, check availability and order tires…all on one screen. Saving time equals making money!

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Our Mission at GRiP Tire is to provide our members with the systems, training, and pricing to assist them to stand out in the competitive tire service and sales replacement market.

The GRiP Tire Network is made up of like-minded Independent Automotive Shops striving to provide their customers with excellent service, quality parts, and an excellent overall experience when they visit their location. GRiP is not a franchised system. We are a Dealer Group that is owner-lead meaning each dealer has input in which direction he or she feels the group should be heading in terms of product and service delivery. There are fees associated with being a member.

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If you are looking for a tire solution that provides many benefits, solutions and adds to your business’ bottom line. GRiP Tire may just be the traction you need!